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5 things have changed the game of building a SC practice:

1️⃣ Lawyers outside of Delhi also can become AoR as long as they maintain an office & a clerk in Delhi. 2️⃣ You can do all SC filing and registry work online now. It is also possible to appear online in the SC! 3️⃣ You can travel to Delhi at a short notice by a quick flight, air travel is cheap & commonplace now unlike what it was 30 yrs back. 4️⃣ Number of cases before the SC has drastically increased, & the number of AORs have been controlled through a very tough exam.  Trial courts and High Courts are hyper competitive & very crowded, the SC has lesser competition by miles if you become an AOR.  5️⃣ You can now get clients from anywhere in the country - because clients can find you on the internet  Things have changed very fast in the last few years.💁‍♂️